Managed WordPress Hosting

Fast, secure & reliable WordPress hosting

We provide a hosting management service layer, specifically designed for business owners and marketing teams. We remove all of the risk of self-hosting, the frustration of updates and the fear of security threats.

Using a selection of carefully selected, industry-leading tools, we have built a service that ensures your website remains fast, available and secure.

It takes no persuading, having a successful web presence is business critical. At the very least, it’s a powerful marketing tool, here to help you become recognised, trusted, and valued. Without it – or even just briefly go missing – and the lights go out. No-one can see you.

Reliable hosting is the foundation beneath your website. If your hosting is slow or stuttering, you lose trust and your customers will go elsewhere, simple as that. Consumers now do not need to have patience, they simply move on. This is reputational damage you don’t need and can mean the difference between growing and slowing down.

For the right level of performance, you must feel assured that your hosting service is looking after your investment – it is ‘hosting’ you after all, and as the name suggests you should expect to be looked after. You shouldn’t need to be uncomfortable. It should all be taken care of for you.

  • Premium hosting, specifically optimised for WordPress
  • 24/7 security monitoring ensures your site is free from threats and malware
  • Daily backups stored in the cloud
  • Free performance & health test by one of our ‘Lab Assistants’
  • WordPress core updates included
  • Availability monitoring – If your site goes down, we’ll know within seconds

Our WordPress hosting is supported by our specialist Lab Assistants. These guys have years of experience in keeping WordPress sites running smoothly and are able to respond to any issues quickly and with expert insight.

Jimmy, Senior Lab Assistant

“Since moving to SiteLabs, hosting is something I no longer need to think about, thankfully. Every time I show a client our site, I feel confident it will load quickly.”

Alistair Hague // Omni Digital Marketing

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